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Austin Bulk Delivery Systems

Austin Powder’s bulk delivery systems are used daily to deliver high-quality emulsion explosives to our customers globally.  The Austin Powder suite of equipment is durable, reliable, customizable, and adaptable.  Every piece of equipment has multiple safeguards with redundancies built-in, and each is backed with renowned, responsive, technical support from Austin Powder. 

For nearly 200 years, Austin Powder Company has been in the business of helping customers break rock safely and efficiently. Our long history reflects the continuous development of new, safer, and more reliable blasting products and innovative technologies that allow us to serve the mining, quarry, and construction operations throughout the world.


    • Auger Trucks
    • Blend Auger Trucks
    • Pump Trucks without Gassing System
    • Pump Trucks with Gassing System
    • Combination Trucks - All Bulk Products

    • Red D GEM- UG Emulsion Manufacturing
    • Red D Miner - UG Pump Unit
    • Red D Miner - Shaft Sinking Unit
    • Red D Miner - Mounted Unit

    • Computerized product loading system
    • Minimal work crew required
    • Smart use of explosives
    • Fills hole diameter completely and without gaps regardless of variations in hole diameters
    • Boreholes primed with reliable high-energy cast boosters
    • Excellent water resistance
    • Environmentally responsible

Auger Trucks

Utilize a 3-auger system to mix AN prill and fuel oil. Uses Austinite 15

Blend Auger Trucks

Utilize a 3-auger system to mix ANFO and emulsion. Uses HEET (Heavy ANFO or ANFO blended with <50% emulsion by weight)

Pump Trucks - Without Gassing System

Utilize an emulsion pumping system and lubrication system to deliver microballoon sensitized emulsions and blends. Use Hydromite Advance, Trenchpro, and Hydromite 3000 Series.

Pump Trucks with Gassing

Utilize an emulsion pumping system and lubrication system to deliver gassed emulsions and blends. Uses Hydromite 4000 Series.

Combination Trucks

Added benefit of extra variability –all bulk products can be made with the same truck.

Red D Miner

Utilize an emulsion pumping and lubrication system to deliver microballoon sensitized emulsion.

Red D Miner - Long Hole Unit

Capable of loading vertical overhead holes or long down holes.


    • Bulk Austinite 15 (ANFO blasting agent) and bulk HEET (blends of emulsion and Austinite 15) are augered products for dry or dewatered blastholes that provide a wide range of energy and water resistance to meet many application requirements.

    • Bulk Hydromites are emulsions or emulsion blends of microballoon sensitized or oxidizer emulsions with ANFO that provide excellent water resistance and performance to meet many application requirements.

    • Hydromite Advance Booster Sensitive Bulk Emulsion is specifically formulated to provide the maximum advance in underground, underwater and other construction blasting applications.• 100% borehole coupling and high energy produce the maximum performance for each blast hole.

    • Austinite 15
    • HEET 130 (a Hydromite 1100 Blend)
    • HEET 150 (a Hydromite 1100 Blend)
    • HEET 150 (a Hydrox 503 Blend)
    • HEET 50 (a Hydrox 503 Blend)

    • Hydromite 3000 Series (microballoon sensitized)
    • Hydromite 4000 Series (chemically sensitized)

    • Hydromite Advance 120 & 220
    • Hydromite Advance 125 & 225
    • Hydromite Advance 200 Series

    • Good fragmentation and excellent heave provide easy digging muckpiles.
    • Energy and water resistance can be adjusted to meet the application demands.
    • Bulk HEET loading convenience and the potential for expanded patterns can reduce costs.

    • Loading bulk pumpable products can reduce the time needed to load shots increasing efficiency.
    • In wet boreholes, Hydromite bulk products are pumped to the bottom of the borehole, displacing the water to providing 100% borehole coupling.
    • Chemically sensitized products have a natural density gradient resulting in a higher density at the bottom of the borehole where the energy is needed the most.

    • Excellent water resistance and superior resistance to dynamic pre-compression assures performance even in the most critical situations.
    • 100% borehole coupling and high energy produce the maximum performance for each blast hole.easy digging muckpiles.
    • Hydromite Advance 200 series utilize a food grade mineral oil fuel to provide greater environmental compatibility. 100% borehole coupling and high energy produce the maximum performance for each blast hole.




We are a traditional manufacturer of initiation systems for industrial blasting operations and an important technological and research base for production and further development of initiation systems.

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Austin Powder Service CZ implements the latest technologies and products for blasting works, such as laser profiling, electronic modeling, and electronic detonators.

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