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Meet the Austin Family

Imagine having a mission, a common purpose so important that it drives and motivates a united workforce to succeed. At Austin Powder, we are a family. We are here for a reason. Our company is a privately held company run by a great family. They have a long-term view of the business and our decisions are driven by our strategies and our values. This has proven to be a successful approach as we leverage the Power of Family with our customers, employees, and other stakeholders. We are guided by our values and the way we do our work matters and will never be compromised.

John Rathbun, President & CEO

“The Power of Family is a phrase that captures the magic of Austin Powder. If you look at our logo you can see that right in the center, it says Austin, and that was a family name. You can go around the world and see people, with pride, wearing the Austin logo. When we talk about One Austin, we talk about relying on each other, around the world, to help us be the best powder company we can be.”

John Rathbun
Patricia Madden, Technical Representative

Patricia Madden, Technical Representative

“I’ve been with Austin Powder since 1998. I wish more women would look outside the box and see what other opportunities are available out of the norm because it is a great industry and it’s fun.  At no time have I ever been made to feel that I shouldn’t be here or that I’m not welcome in the industry.  It’s been an open arm and a very positive relationship.”

Chris Proctor, VP & General Manager of the Great Lakes LLC

“Superior products and service is only about half of what you’re getting when partnering with Austin Powder. It’s about treating each customer as if they are part of our family fabric as well. It’s being available and looked to as a resource for more than just blasting and product needs. Our company has been around for nearly 200 years and has seen so much, we have a wealth of knowledge and resources within our family that allows us to bring much more to the table than a typical supplier. It’s our attention to detail mindset, big picture thinking, and authenticity that build the foundation to support our lasting relationships.”

Chris Proctor, Director of Corporate Operations

Adela Krchnakova, HR Specialist

"I have an amazing team of people around me, and as our Austin Powder values say - We believe in lending a hand and not just when it´s convenient, but when it is needed. I never thought I could work for an explosives company, and now I feel it is the right way. I am fascinated by the final results of explosives and our contribution to the world around us."

John Newton

John Newton, President Central Canada

"Safety at Austin Powder is the number one concern with everything that we do, from the hiring through all the training that we get before we step onto the bench and every day from then on in, safety is the number one concern from the beginning of the day to the end."


Margit Chevalier, R&D Emulsion Manager

"When I started with Austin 14 years ago I often was the only female in the room or on the bench. Looking at it now we have so many more female employees in manager positions and it really makes me happy. Whenever I am in the field I get the feeling that people want to get to know you a little on a personal level and since Austin stands for family, our customers are our extended family and we like to hang out and chat for a little. We all have “family” get-togethers and bring our “recipes”, but no one cooks better than Austin (I know it – I stir the pot 😉)."

Alberto Barda, Open Pit Truck Operator

“I like the camaraderie at Austin Powder and the fact that there are good relationships between all of us who are part of the company, leaving aside the hierarchical level that each one occupies. It makes me feel part of this great family that is Austin Powder.”

Alberto Barda
Hafizuddin Safri

Hafizuddin Safri, Technical Engineer Blasting Services

"Safety is our First Priority. With good practices and quality products, we help our customers be more efficient and blast safely. If we don't feel safe doing something, we don't do it. We want to ensure our customers know that we, as an explosive provider, are concerned with their welfare as well as their production efficiency."

Vanina Vannucci, Environmental Analyst Juramento Plant

“Working in Austin has helped me to grow as an operator and a professional. I’ve gained new perspectives that I might never have thought of by myself.”

Vanina Vannucci




We are a traditional manufacturer of initiation systems for industrial blasting operations and an important technological and research base for production and further development of initiation systems.

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Austin Powder Service CZ implements the latest technologies and products for blasting works, such as laser profiling, electronic modeling, and electronic detonators.

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