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Eagle Cast Boosters

Austin’s Eagle family of cast boosters are high-density molecular explosives designed to produce high detonation pressures for optimum initiation of blasting agents. Eagles can accommodate detonators up to 4” (101.5mm) in length. The Eagle family of cast boosters are designed to be initiated by non-electric, electric and electronic detonators that are classified as a minimum of #8 strength (450mg or greater PETN) base charge. Eagle boosters are not designed for use with detonating cord.

  • Eagle 150
  • Eagle 225
  • Eagle 340
  • Eagle 450
  • Eagle 900


  • Eagle cast boosters detonate in excess of 24,000 ft. /sec (7,380 m/sec).
  • Over 225 kb of detonation pressure ensures optimum steady state velocity for blasting agents.
  • Excellent shelf life, highly resistant to water and oil.
  • Fully enclosed detonator well with internal detonator locking device and through tunnel.
  • High visibility, impact resistant “fluorescent orange” polypropylene that is resistant to -40F to +150F for standard Eagle boosters.
  • High visibility, impact resistant “yellow” polypropylene that is resistant to -40F to +150F for Eagle E-Star Boosters (internal brass sleeve).


Eagle cast boosters are manufactured with molecular explosives consisting of PETN and TNT, both of which are sensitive to severe impact, heat or friction. As with all explosives, Eagle boosters must be transported, stored and handled with care. Avoid any impact with solid surfaces.

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Cast Boosters – SDS
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Eagle Cast Boosters
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We are a traditional manufacturer of initiation systems for industrial blasting operations and an important technological and research base for production and further development of initiation systems.

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Austin Powder Service CZ implements the latest technologies and products for blasting works, such as laser profiling, electronic modeling, and electronic detonators.

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