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Austin Technical Services

Our blasters are thoroughly trained to be subject matter experts and can identify unique solutions designed to deliver optimal results for every blast

For nearly 200 years, Austin Powder has been in the business of helping customers break rock safely and efficiently. Our long history of serving various industries is reflected with the continuous development of safer, more efficient, and more reliable blasting products and innovative technologies. Today, Austin serves operations in mining, quarrying, construction, pipeline, and oil and gas across the globe. We offer a wide range of service opportunities that can be tailored to fit the needs of different customers and industries. This foundational knowledge is further enhanced when paired with the advanced capabilities of our technical service specialists to identify unique solutions designed to deliver optimal results for every blast.

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    Delivery Service

    Safe and reliable delivery of quality Austin Powder products direct to your site complete with responsive technical product support.

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    Down the Hole Service

    Safe and reliable delivery of quality Austin Powder bulk products direct to the blast hole with our mobile manufacturing units (MMU) complete with responsive technical product support.

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    Austin Shot Service

    A full blasting service led by our blasters to deliver safe, efficient, and optimized blast performance from the initial blast design to the loading process to the post-blast analysis.

  • Pre-Blast Technical Services

    • Geological Analysis
    • Survey grade GPS capabilities
    • Full capability face profiling – 2D laser or 3D minimum burdens
    • Computer-aided blast design and optimization
    • Borehole deviation measurement
    • Expert Product selection
    • Virtual mining software to assist with long term mine planning solutions
  • Blast Technical Services

    • Reliable and consistent product performance
    • Unique timing solutions specific to each blast
    • Rock movement simulations
    • Vibration & Overpressure simulations
    • Drone assisted blast videos
    • Velocity of Detonation data collection
    • Signature hole data capture
    • Industry leading flyrock risk model
  • Post-Blast Technical Services

    • 3D Muck pile profile and distribution analysis
    • Backbreak and wall stability review
    • Fragmentation analysis
    • Vibration, overpressure, and flyrock model calibration
    • Continual improvement through regular design and process adjustments
    • Target floor grade and elevation validation

At Austin Powder, we know it takes years of training, practice, and oversight from the masters to become a highly-skilled craftsman. These men and women are not merely created, and they are not common. In the explosives industry, watching a blast develop reveals the experience and knowledge of a craftsman who understands the customer’s rock, the geology, and the anomalies. It reveals a proficient use of explosives, timed to the millisecond, that only comes from years of mastering the trade. As the dust settles, it reveals perfect fragmentation; a value-added product that meets the customer’s needs and drives the customer’s bottom line.

Since 1833, Austin Powder’s master craftsmen have been dedicated to the safe and responsible use of explosives.

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We are a traditional manufacturer of initiation systems for industrial blasting operations and an important technological and research base for production and further development of initiation systems.

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Austin Powder Service CZ implements the latest technologies and products for blasting works, such as laser profiling, electronic modeling, and electronic detonators.

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