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Oil*Star Detonator Family

Oil*Star Detonators are specially designed electric detonators used in the oil and gas industry for wireline performed blasting operations (perforations, plug setting etc.). For this purpose they exhibit high temperature and for some types high-pressure resistance. They are resistorized to increase their electric energy immunity and all are provided with antistatic sleeve and spark gap for low electrostatic discharge sensitivity. Some versions are equipped with adapters to easily connect detonating cord and some exhibit fluid disabling feature.


  • Temperature rating: up to 350°F, 392°F(A-140H) 475°F (A-161) for 1 hour
  • Pressure resistance: up to 14 500 psi (A-96L and A-105) for 4 hours
  • High immunity against electrostatic energy: 25 kV / 2500 pF (resistorized: resistance ≥ 52 Ω)
  • Fluid disabled function (A-85, A-140F/Block, A-140S, A-161)
  • Detonating cord adapter (A-140F/Block, A-85, A-105), optional add-on (A-161)
  • Packaging 1.4B: 500 parts per box (A-140F/Block 220 parts)
  • High reliability
  • Easy handling
  • Broad range available:
    • Temperature resistant detonators (A-140, A-140H, A-161)
    • Temperature and pressure resistant detonators (A-96L, A-105)
    • Temperature resistant and fluid disabled detonators

Product Documents

Safety Data Sheets
Electric & Electronic Detonators – SDS
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Oil Star Detonators
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We are a traditional manufacturer of initiation systems for industrial blasting operations and an important technological and research base for production and further development of initiation systems.

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Austin Powder Service CZ implements the latest technologies and products for blasting works, such as laser profiling, electronic modeling, and electronic detonators.

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