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Shock*Star Signal Transmission Line Products (Lead-In-Line, Quick Start and STD)

Shock*Star Products for Non-Electric Lead-in from Blaster’s Initiation Point to Blast Site. Shock*Star Signal Transmission Line products include Lead-In-Line, Quick Start and STD (Shock Tube with Detonator)

Shock*Star Lead-In-Line is used to allow a completely non-electric blasting system from the Blaster’s point of initiation all the way through the blast. Lead-In Line is available as 200, 500, 1000 or 2,500 foot spools to allow a single splice free signal line between the Blaster and the blast pattern. Polyethylene splicers are included with each case of Lead-In-Line for connecting the shock tube’s open end to a non-electric detonator used for starting the blast.

Shock*Star Quick Start is equipped with a Quick Relay Connector detonator for convenient splice-free starting at the first hole in a shock tube blast pattern.

Shock*Star STD is used for starting detonating cord trunklines. Quick Start STDs are available in 200, 500, 1,000 and 2,500 foot lengths.


  • Constructed from Austin’s three layered shock tube with a white colored jacket for good visibility and differentiation from delay detonator assemblies.
  • Initiate consistently and silently at 6,200 ft / s (1,900 m / s)
  • Packaged on sturdy spools for durability during shipping and multiple uses.

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Shock*Star Signal Transmission Lines
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We are a traditional manufacturer of initiation systems for industrial blasting operations and an important technological and research base for production and further development of initiation systems.

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Austin Powder Service CZ implements the latest technologies and products for blasting works, such as laser profiling, electronic modeling, and electronic detonators.

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