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Shock*Star Surface Connectors (Quick Relay & Surface Delay)

Shock*Star Surface Connectors include Quick-Relay Connectors and Surface Delay Connectors.

Shock*Star Quick-Relay Connectors (red and yellow) are specially designed for the initiation of other shock tube detonators as a delay between holes or decks within a hole. Quick-Relay Connectors are equipped with connector blocks able to contain 8 outgoing shock tubes yet have a lowered base charge to reduce noise levels and shrapnel cut-off concerns. These detonators are available in 9 delays from instantaneous (0 ms) to 200 ms. (Quick-Relay Connectors should never be used to attempt initiation of detonating cord)

Shock*Star Surface Delay Connectors (red) are powerful, versatile detonators designed for compatibility with both shock tube and detonating cord initiation systems. Connector blocks are able to hold up to 8 outgoing shock tubes or initiate 10 to 200-grain detonating cord. These detonators are available in 8 delays from instantaneous (0 ms) to 200 ms.


  • Connector blocks color-coded to the delay time of the detonator.
  • Equipped with a tear-proof delay tag that lists DSC, delay time and length of the detonator as well as being color coded to match the connector block.
  • Manufactured with red shock tubing for easy differentiation from down-hole detonators when visually inspecting a connected blast pattern.

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We are a traditional manufacturer of initiation systems for industrial blasting operations and an important technological and research base for production and further development of initiation systems.

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Austin Powder Service CZ implements the latest technologies and products for blasting works, such as laser profiling, electronic modeling, and electronic detonators.

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