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The History of the Dinamita Plant and Town in México

Presentation of the Book “Dinamita, Splendor of a New Century” in México

On December 5th, 2023, the Arocena Museum in Torreón, Coahuila, México hosted the unveiling of “Dinamita, Splendor of a New Century” by author Miguel Amaranto. This book chronicles the history of the initial inhabitants of Dinamita town, who founded the Plant bearing the same name.
The Compañía Mexicana de Dinamita y Explosivos was the first to be established on that property in 1901. At that time, the plant purchased glycerin from Cia. Jabonera La Esperanza as an essential element to produce dynamite. Over time, festivities, commerce, and transportation emerged in this geographical area surrounded by large hills.
Thanks to the work of this writer, now we know the origins of Dinamita town and much of its history since it describes how, because of the growth brought by the industries, plant workers could have access to enjoy movies, plays, and music, as well as various sports in the town. A few years later, in 1925, this plant was acquired by the DUPONT company, which built rooms for employees, expanding the Dinamita population to operate the plant properly.
In 1997, Mr. Dave Gleason, together with Jaime Gutiérrez, acquired the company Dupont, which then became what we currently know as Austin Powder Mexico.
Today, Austin Powder in Mexico develops various activities with the Dinamita community, such as the pilgrimage of Santa Bárbara, patron saint of the town; health care projects, as well as the preparation of traditional sweets and Christmas desserts, among other actions to benefit the residents.




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