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Electronic Initiation System

E*STAR was developed by blasters, so you know it's going to be easy to use and reliable.


The E*STAR Remote 2.5i is an advanced device designed for blasting operations. It can communicate with up to 12,800 electronic detonators simultaneously from a secure distance and be controlled via a tablet. This remote initiation system ensures precise timing, operational efficiency, and safety during blasting activities. It integrates VHF remote capabilities with the DBM1600 blasting machine, functioning as both a conventional detonation machine and a user-friendly remote-control unit accessible through a Tablet or Windows-based Computer. Field tests have validated its operational flexibility, impressive range, and unique system advantages.

The system maintains comprehensive records stored in the Tablet’s memory, offering complete communication, verification, and real-time signal strength evaluations. Additionally, the system supports synchronized firing of up to 8 Blast Boxes simultaneously, enabling blasts of up to 12,800 ESTAR electronic detonators. The application on the rugged tablet utilizes wireless Bluetooth technology for secure remote control at the blasting point, adding to the system’s modern design and functionality.


  • Increased detonator capacity: Accommodating up to 12,800 detonators with 8 Remote 2.5i Blast boxes connected to 1,600 detonators each.
  • Flexible blasting options: Enables synchronized or unsynchronized blasts of up to 12,800 detonators, with the ability to set specific offset delays for each Remote 2.5i if needed.
  • Unified hardware integration: Combines Blast machine and radio hardware into a cohesive unit.
  • Simplified battery management: Utilizes a single battery and charging system, streamlining the process compared to historic systems that required managing 2 batteries and 2 chargers.
  • Convenient battery replacement: Batteries are easily replaceable for enhanced field operation.
  • Wireless connectivity: Utilizes Bluetooth technology for wireless communication between the Remote 2.5i Blast box and Tablet, eliminating the hassle of managing cables in historic systems.
  • E*STAR

    • E - Electronic Initiation System
    • S - Safe
    • T - Testable, Tunable, Total Solution
    • A - Accurate, Affordable, Autonomous
    • R - Rugged, Reliable, ROI

    • ELECTRONIC INITIATION SYSTEM - The E*STAR system is a fit for purpose electronic detonator based blasting system for all blasting applications. It provides the highest level of quality, security, control, and precise timing to ensure compliant, consistent blasting results.
  • S- SAFE

    • SAFE - The E*STAR system is safe to use with electro static discharge immunity, radio frequency immunity, stray current and overvoltage immunity.

    • TESTABLE - Every detonator is tested multiple times at the production and factory level, then again multiple times at the blast site until it's fired.
    • TUNABLE - for any delay up to 20,000ms in 1ms increments.
    • TOTAL SOLUTION - includes planning, customized blast design, blast result and value added software throughout the mining process.

    • ACCURATE - Precise electronic timing for vibration and air blast reduction, and no out of sequence firing.
    • AFFORDABLE - E*STAR is THE affordable electronic detonator solution.
    • AUTONOMOUS - Once the firing commands are received by the detonators they become autonomous with NO risk of cut-offs.

    • RUGGED - Fit for purpose downline options
    • RELIABLE - Industry-leading daisy chain connection method and exceptional leakage immunity.
    • RETURN ON INVESTMENT - Investing in electronic detonators yields many downstream benefits.


Radio Frequency Identification technology makes it possible to identify the detonator without physical contact between the Logger and the detonator. The benefits of RFID detonator tagging include flexibility and time savings. Detonators can be tagged before connecting, before hole loading, or even after connecting to the busline. One Logger can tag up to 1,600 detonators. The RFID feature is a much quicker process than direct contact logging or any other detonator programming method. All required detonator information is still right where it is needed. With RFID tagging, the Logger display will show all the necessary details about the detonator. Unlike standard bar-code labels, harsh field conditions do not impact the effectiveness of the RFID labels. Cold temperatures, muddy or emulsion-covered labels, or even heavy rain will not comprise the data embedded in the RIFD label, making it the most reliable product on the market.

The new E*STAR connectors are just one way Austin Powder is working to ensure that our products contribute to safe, predictable and, optimized results.

  • Not limited by harsh conditions – works great in the sun, water, cold, or even with mud or emulsion covered labels
  • Log detonators at any time – before connecting, before hole loading or after connecting to the bus line
  • Up to 1600 detonators viewed on one logger
  • Faster than direct contact logging or scanning bar codes

Why E * STAR Connectors are the best in the industry

  • Industry-leading double connections on both the leg wires and duplex bus line wires means each of these wires are staked twice
  • Innovative through-connector testing saves time as testing can occur without needing to open the connector
  • Color-coded connectors make it easy to identify wire types and leg wire lengths
  • Anti-slip friction grip is easy to use in all harsh conditions
  • Robust hinge is not susceptible to breakage in cold conditions or multiple uses
  • Enhanced sealant inside the connector ensures an environmental seal
  • Advanced design allows for a one-finger opening of the connector
  • The useful flat back was designed for writing delays or other information
  • Superior design is easy to use with winter gloves

Reasons to Use the E * STAR System

  • The detonator has a robust copper shell and high dynamic pressure resistance
  • Standard wire and heavy-duty wire both have an extra-long crimp plug for additional mechanical protection
  • Bus-line options include standard and heavy-duty
  • Color-coded connectors are user-friendly and suitable for all harsh conditions
  • Delay range options from 1 to 20,000 milliseconds
  • E * STAR Logger 2 allows for direct contact logging or touchless RFID logging each programming up to 1,600 dets
  • Remote firing available for additional safety and security
  • Digital Blast Machine can fire blasts reliably even with high levels of leakage present

E * STAR System Benefits

  • Highest level of safety and security on-site
  • Exceptional, industry-leading leakage tolerance
  • PPV / vibration reduction
  • Vibration frequency optimization
  • Fragmentation improvement
  • Processing cost reduction
  • Back break damage reduction





We are a traditional manufacturer of initiation systems for industrial blasting operations and an important technological and research base for production and further development of initiation systems.

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Austin Powder Service CZ implements the latest technologies and products for blasting works, such as laser profiling, electronic modeling, and electronic detonators.